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Our team is available to advise you on the ideal environment and the best interior design, whether for you, your family or just to satisfy your guests. Either a beautiful painting or a wall photographic, these art objects can contribute to making your interior a unique and personalized place, bringing a soul an special identity to your house.

The French painter Besseau was born in 1963 and lives in Bahia, Brazil.
Graduated at the Beaux-Arts of Paris, he is also self-taught and it was from his various encounters with other painters that his work was born. Initially focused to Aquarelle and its transparencies, it was through the discovery of certain great artists of Art brut (Dubuffet) and contemporary art (Basquiat) that his art evolued.
He currently dedicates himself to the painting and its materials through representations of Art Naif : "Life, thus, takes us from child to adult, making us lose our innocence due to its cruel reality".

The brazilian photographer Eduardo Moody has 20 years of international experience in conducting essays and publishing images for major newspapers, magazines, websites, agencies and companies such as Praia do Forte Ecoresort, Sunday Telégraph, Salvador city halls, Costa do Sauípe.. The artist loves colors, shapes, movements, textures and expressions: Anything that can be framed in his particular way of seeing and feeling the world.
He is currently dedicated to FineArt photography, seeking to combine his knowledge with the most contemporary printing techniques on sophisticated fabrics, such as cotton ...
The best quality dedicated to art that will enhance your property.

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